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Primal Strength Anti Burst Slam Balls

Primal Strength Anti Burst Slam Balls

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Primal Strength Anti-Burst Slam Balls are designed to be used to improve core strength. The heavy-duty, anti-burst Slam Ball has a thick rubber dimpled textured exterior, offering more grip and protection for the slam ball.

The Slam Balls are filled with silica sand, ensuring they don’t bounce and allowing for greater control during workouts. Slam Balls are an essential functional training and conditioning tool for any gym, sports facility, boot camp or PT studio.

Athletes are incorporating Slam Balls for explosive, power work and trainers are incorporating them to offer multiple fitness benefits for their clients, from core work to full body workouts when slamming the ball from overhead.

The Primal Strength Anti-Burst Slam Balls come in sizes from 3kg, 9kg and 12kg.

They are fully backed by a 12-month commercial warranty.

Upgrades include:

  • Outer wall thickness improved by over 30%. This takes the rubber weight to a minimum of 1200g. The tyre grip has been reduced and the outer wall thickened. There is a nice grip to the ball with a raised surface
  • The valve seal is now sealed and outer glued
  • Larger Number Branding
  • 10,000 times drop tested between 1-4m height
  • 12-month commercial warranty

Please note that;

Warranty applies to balls being used in controlled conditions, i.e. facilities with rubber-matted floors or outdoor use on grass only. Repeated slamming of the balls on stone floors may void the 12-month warranty and can damage the balls.

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