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Demo DKN Rowing Machine R400

Demo DKN Rowing Machine R400

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Demo Model in perfect condition fully built

The R-400 is the benchmark in Home Standard Rowing Machines. A fantastically durable piece of equipment which requires the very minimum of maintenance.


For those who want to target upper body, arms, legs, and abdominals, rowing is a great option to consider: Not only is this the most safest way of working out, but it also represents a natural fluent exercise motion, without any negative impact neither on joints nor muscles.

A natural rowing movement was set as target when developing the R-400. And to achieve a double resistance system has been applied: Combining an air fan with a magnetic resistance, connected to a 11 kg flywheel.

The R-400 has a stylish design and robust construction, making it one of the most stable rowers around, setting new standards for Home Training Rowing machines.


The framework on the R-400 is heavy gauge welded steel which provides a solid and stable platform for serious training. The rowing action is incredibly fluid and smooth allowing for good posture.

The long double seating rail means that it is not only a very stable machine, matching the highest standards used in Commercial Grade use, but also makes it suitable for even the tallest of rowing enthusiasts.


The SKF bearings and a Hutchinson V-belt to control the drive-system make the R-400 not only a high endurance but also very silent machine.

The drive belt is made of the same material as used in automotive, making it not only very durable, but also very silent in use. The R-400 is one of the most silent air-magnetic rowers in the market. The console offers an outstanding range in work-out settings.


A blue-backlighted display on an adjustable support allows you to position it in such a way that any user can continuously monitoring his or her exercise progress. The user can flip between stroke-rate/distance travelled to calories burned, and back again on the next stroke, without breaking his or her rhythm.


Besides the standard manual settings, adjustable up to 16 resistance levels, the programming includes 12 pre-programmed courses, 6 of which are interval settings, personal user profiles, and a heartrate controlled course. The console also offers a highly motivating race course and a 500 m/split.

Bluetooth Smart connection is used both for for wireless heart rate measurement (with optional chest strap) and connection with the Kinomap App.

And the R-400 is a perfect compromise for those with limited space. When you're done, just fold it upright and store in a very easy way.


Like all our equipment the R-400 is carrying ISO/EN-20957 standards.

• Dimensions: 238 x 47 x 88 cm
• Folded: 238 x 47 x 88 cm
• Central rail: 142 cm
• Total weight: 53 kg


Double rail

Air-magnetic resistance

Top-down adjustable display

12 Pre-programmed runs


Why Choose DKN?

1 - Top quality - our equipment is designed to last and perform

2 - Leading edge design and technology solutions

3 - Premium warranty service and customer service

4 - Delivering to all 32 counties at no additional cost



Program profiles 12
'My zone' HR programming Yes
Resistance Air-magnetic resistance in 16 levels
Magnetic brake-system 11 kg flywheel set connected to air resistance
User profile 4
Time Yes
Distance Yes
Calories Yes
Max user limit 150 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 2383 x 877 x 470 mm
Weight 53 kg
Dimensions folded (LxWxH) 1039 x 470 x 1817 mm
Certification CE/ISO 20957
Transport wheels Yes
Wireless HR Transmission Optional Chest Strap
BitGym Yes
Kinomap Yes
Bluetooth 4.0 Compatible Yes
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