Creating your home gym

Creating your dream facility or home gym with Fittr


Customisation - The choice is yours

With our experienced team we can design a gym or home gym suited specifically to your space and to your needs.

We draw from over 20 years experience working both as Leisure Club Managers and supplying the very best in gym equipment. We will design a gym that makes the most of your space and ensures you use the space.

The Process

Initial consultation

One of our team will be assigned to you as your project/relationship manager and will talk to you by phone initially. They may decide they need to see your space after a series of questions or indeed ask you to send in measurements and some photos of the space. This will determine both the actual space and also your needs for gym equipment. 

Examples of questions will we ask will be:

  1. When you use a commercial gym what pieces do you use and why?
  2. What are your fitness goals?
  3. Who else is using the gym in the house and what are their goals?
  4. Is there one piece of equipment that is a must?
  5. Will you be using a trainer to help you get the best of out of your gym?


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Choosing the right brand of equipment

We have many brands for you to consider including Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, ICG and DKN. We are the proud sole distributors for these top brands in the Irish Fitness market.

We do however, have brands that fit most budgets. A lot of brand choice comes down to the budget you have available.

Site Visit

With larger gyms we often come out and meet you on site to get a better idea of the space you have in mind for a gym.  This isn’t always possible but if we can we will to ensure you get the best design.  During this process we would take measurements and take some photos and ask a few questions.


3D layout

The first stage of our proposal usually involves us coming up with initially a 2D and then 3D drawing so you can visualise the space you have in mind for your gym.  This can involve a few emails back and forth with redesigns until you are happy with the concept.  We then produce a 2D and 3D presentation as per below as well as a video showing you walking through the door and walking around the space.



We would then produce a quote for you outlining the price on each product as well as a total cost.

Ordering Process

We would normally ask for you to simply sign an order confirmation and agree deposit or payment in full to complete your order.  Products carry different lead times which will have been discussed during your consultation process.


We have our own team of highly qualified and experienced people who will install your equipment and floor in a professional manner. They will have a copy of your 3D drawing and place your equipment according to this layout.

Satisfaction Phone call or Visit. Your project manager will ring or call in person if feasible to ensure your gym is to your satisfaction.

Ongoing service and maintenance

Your equipment comes with a warranty which will be outlined to your during your consultation period.  We have a team of service engineers that cover the entire country.  Should you have any issues one of our team will fix your equipment efficiently and in a timely manner.


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