What should I buy for my home gym?

What should I buy for my home gym?

What should I buy for my home gym?



When it comes to your home gym and what home gym equipment you should buy, the choice is really yours.

We will work with you from start to finish to get you the perfect home gym setup. Whether you are looking for a brand new complete set up, or just need one or two pieces of equipment we can cater for this. We can work with any level of budget and any size room.

From flooring, to cardio equipment to strength equipment we have whatever you need to bring your home gym to the next level.


Did you know we have refurbished and 2nd hand home gym equipment available for you as well?



The stable diet to any home gym has to be a piece of cardio equipment and the most popular we always find are treadmills.

We currently have an array of treadmills in stock from the top brands including Life Fitness, Precor and DKN. You can see them all here.

Our treadmills are designed with form and function in mind for you. They are sleek, aesthetically pleasing that will complement any home.

Our treadmills are ideal for any fitness levels from new comers to marathon runners.


Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes continue to be some of our best sellers and most popular home gym equipment products. Our exercise bikes and indoor cycles come from the best brands in the game and offer quality low-impact exercise which is so important, in the comfort of your own home.

We offer a wide range of exercise bikes and indoor cycles with advanced features that will guarantee you an intense workout from the comfort of your own home. Check them out here now.


Half Rack or Quarter Rack

If you've got the room for one of these custom made pieces, we would highly recommend them. Your home gym can be based around our custom made (in-house) racks which are ideal for squatting, benching & pressing and pull-ups. (to name a few) which many agree are the three pillars of strength and conditioning workouts.

Learn more about our custom Rigs and Racks here.

Cross Trainer

Boost your cardio workout and home gym session with top-quality Cross Trainer and Elliptical machines from the biggest brands like DKN, Life Fitness and BH from Fittr.

Cross trainers are arguably the most diverse exercise you can do and will give you a true full-body workout.


Weights Benches

Our benches are perfect for your home gym training needs, we have both flat and adjustable weight benches so you can perform a range of exercises safely and securely.

Our home weight benches are exclusively from Life Fitness and Hammer Strength, the worlds leading fitness and exercise brands.

You can perform and complete an all-encompassing home gym workout with our benches.


Free Weights

Before any home gym is complete, for us there must be some form of free weights. Free weights really are the ideal bit of home gym kit. 

No matter the size of the free weights you are looking for we can help. We have a large range of free weights including dumbbells, bars, barbells, kettlebells and medicine balls for you all to choose from. 


Create and Design your home gym with Fittr

With our experienced team we can design a home gym suited to your needs. We draw from over 20 years experience working both as Leisure Club Managers and supplying the very best in gym and home gym equipment. We will design a gym that makes the most of your space and ensures you use the space.

Learn more about creating and designing your dream home gym here.


Next steps:

We hope this blog has helped guide you and clear a few things up in relation to what you should get or what you need to think about when it comes to creating or updating your home gym.

We would love to offer you a free consultation on any aspect of your home gym and on any home gym equipment so please just get in touch here.

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