Reasons for investing in your home gym

Do you find yourself tired of crowded gyms? Are you tired of waiting for equipment? Are you not comfortable back in a busy gym environment?


We can see why people may feel this way. For those that are, there is an option for you. Update, upgrade and build out your own home gym setup. Your own gear, your own rules!


For many people, myself included, I need the gym environment and gym buzz for a good workout, but others are different and can smash out a home workout and trust themselves to get it done.

Here are some of the top reasons why people are now investing in their own home gyms and into top quality home gym equipment.


1 – Work out any time of the day

You can fit in a quick session any time during the day or night. You can also benefit from the cumulative effect of multiple workouts too which is a bonus. This for example, could be a quick cardio session in the morning and a short and snappy weights session in the evening.


2 – Time saving and a shorter snappier workout

Your commute is now only 10-15 seconds! From cutting out drive time to and from the gym to splitting your workouts into convenient multiple sessions, to avoiding lines to use equipment, a home gym is one of the most time efficient investments you can make.

For many, a workout with everything involved would take up to 90 minutes and sometimes longer.


3 – No dodgy music on in the background

This one says it all really. We’ve all been there before when music is too soft, too loud, no beat and/or just not what you need for your workout. Everyone is different and everyone needs something different when it comes to music to get the blood pumping for your workout. So with a home gym, the power is with you and you fully control the music.


4 – Total privacy

In your home you are free to take your time and decide what routine and pace is right for you and your fitness needs––all without feeling judged. There are no restrictions on what you wear, or don’t wear for that matter, during your exercise either. You are free to be yourself without risking someone snapping a picture of you or happen to be in someone’s video for example.


5 – Pure Convenience


Whether you convert a spare room or just clear a little space in the corner, a home gym is an incredible fitness resource for you and your family. We can cater for any sized budget, any space and any environment.


Let now be the time for you to consider what a home gym can do for you with the help of our team.

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At Fittr, we are proud to offer premium commercial and home gym equipment to all of our customers. We happily cater for both groups and have built up a long list of loyal and very happy customers. Whatever your preference is, we can help you out and we are on hand to guide you every step of the way and getting you only the best gym equipment and service.

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